The Road to Ottimo

Hello and thank you for visiting my web site!  My name is Ray Isola.  I’m the owner and founder of Ottimo Career and Job Search Coaching.  I care passionately about helping people navigate their career transition and master the art of job hunting.

My coaching skills were gained from training and experiences I had during my corporate career and from my many outdoor adventures, meaning I learned it by living it.

As a young graduate with a BA in Economics, I had a difficult time launching my career.

I stumbled around a bit until I found my way to graduate school at UNH, where I developed the strong research and analysis skills that would serve me for the rest of my career.  Even with a Master’s degree in Economics, it was still tough breaking into the business world for a kid with no real business-world experience.  Lucky for me I got a little bit of help from a lot of people and have a tenacious nature.

My persistence paid off and I landed a job with Chase Econometrics where I supported Fortune 500 corporations in northern NJ in the use of our economic analysis and forecasting tools.  After leaving CE, I landed at...

...AT&T where I focused on solving market analysis problems, including stints doing competitive analysis, advertising claims substantiation & litigation, and strategic pricing.

After that I worked for ADP, where I built up the newly created competitive analysis function for their Major Accounts Division.

Over the years, I learned a lot from my job hunting experiences.  Plus, while doing market and competitive analysis (CI) one develops a strong repertoire of transferable skills that lend themselves very well to conducting a job search.

When friends and colleagues began asking how I did it, I realized that I had something of value to offer, so I began collecting my notes thinking, "Someday I'll write a book about this.”  After leaving ADP I wrote it!

In 2013 I formed Ottimo Career Coaching, LLC.  Ottimo is Italian for excellent.  The mountain represents challenge and achievement.  The star is for navigation and guidance.  I wanted the Ottimo symbol to convey a sense that's bold, confident and strong...

...something that visually says “You’re going after Moby Dick, so bring the tartar sauce!” because that’s the kind of attitude required for a successful job search.

During these years I led a very active recreational life climbing up and sliding down mountains.  I managed to climb all 48 of New Hampshire’s 4,000-foot peaks and skied pretty much all the top ski areas in North America. Fun stuff!

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