Career Assessment Resources

Having trouble deciding what to do next with your career?  There are lots of resources you can play with to help you determine where you want to go and what you want to do next.  You can get a little bit of information from each one to help formulate a vision for your future career path, so try them all.

  • Gallup Strengths Finder – fee based survey that identifies your strengths.  The central premise is that by focusing on our strengths we optimize our performance.
  • Crack the Job Search Code – do the exercises in my book on pp.17-27 to help you determine some of your job search criteria.
  • BLS Occupational Handbook - explore this great free resource from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It’s loaded with information!

Before you begin, a few suggestions:

  • Be prepared to fully engage with this process.
  • Give it some extra thought and allow yourself time to reflect on it for a few days or weeks.  Talk it over with family and friends.
  • Remember – it’s a journey, not a destination.

Take the time now to prepare yourself for a lifetime of growth and development and you’ll never be bored with your work.  It’ll always be challenging, fun and interesting!


Need help interpreting your results?

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