Focus on Goodness of Fit!

One of the most important things you can do to expedite your job search and improve your chances of success is to get focused.  A clear sense of direction will help you avoid wasting lots of time and energy haphazardly chasing job opportunities that don't fit.


Why is this important?  Check out this article about how Johnson & Johnson has adopted a more targeted recruitment strategy.  By focusing on the right criteria, J&J gets more qualified applicants, improves their acceptance rate, and reduces new hire turnover.


You too can and should have a set of search criteria.  It'll help you stay focused and on track.  To start the process of developing your job search criteria, see Step 3 - Prepare Yourself Professionally (pp.17-27) of Crack the Job Search Code.  Some additional career assessment resources are available on the My Services page.

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