What Are You

Prepared To Do?

Completing steps 1-4 as illustrated in Crack the Job Search Code means you're ready for the job search phase of the process.

  • You're organized and emotionally grounded. 
  • You’ve got a resume and other job search marketing materials.
  • You've honed your job search criteria and a vocabulary of words and phrases to describe the skills and value that you bring.

The question is, what are you prepared to do to get the job you want?  And THEN what are you prepared to do?


Here's a scene from the Untouchables in which Jimmy Malone (played by Sean Connery) explains to Eliot Ness (played by Kevin Costner) what he has to do if he wants to get gangster Al Capone.

Job hunting can be a tough experience.  You must be prepared to do a lot (but not quite as far as sending people to the morgue!).  You’ve got to be resolute, resilient and prepared to go all the way.


Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so stick with the game plan, keep digging for opportunities, and you'll get lucky!

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