On Confidence & Courage

There are moments in a job search that can make us fearful and uncomfortable, for instance, interviewing and cold calling.


Courage is not absence of fear.  It’s having the confidence to move ahead in the presence of it.


Here are some tips to help you navigate this territory:

  • Remind yourself that it’s not a life threatening situation.  It’s just business!  You’re gathering information or interviewing for a job, not challenging someone to a duel.
  • Adopt a matter-of-fact tone and get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • Be prepared to introduce yourself in a professional manner (use your “Tell Me About Yourself”), and to ask your questions.
  • Focus on being yourself, not selling yourself.


Here’s a scene from In the Valley of Elah in which Tommy Lee Jones' character helps a young boy named David to overcome his fear of darkness by relating the story of how David defeated Goliath.

With a simple attitude adjustment, you too can muster the confidence and courage to be King of the Forest! 

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