True Grit - What is it and where does it come from?

True Grit - Rooster Cogburn played by John Wayne (1969) and Jeff Bridges (2010)

Why is it that when the going gets tough, the tough get going? What gives some people the fortitude to carry-on against the odds?  Is fortitude something that can be taught or is it innate?


In this insightful TED Talk, Ms. Duckworth imparts that the secret ingredient to success isn't IQ, wealth, or good looks.  It's grit.

In this second TED Talk, Ms. Duckworth talks about True Grit (i.e., Rooster Cogburn) and the 3 components that make up genius:

  • Talent
  • Passion / Zeal
  • Hard work

Ms. Duckworth acknowledges that she hasn't yet figured out how to teach "grittiness".  However, she's turning in her own gritty performance and still searching for an answer.  Be sure to check back on her site to see what solutions she uncovers....


Do you have what it takes?  What are your talents and what have you done to "unlock" them?

Persistence and a tenacious attitude can make you a powerful force, so whatever you do, Never give up!  Never surrender!

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