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At the time I graduated from UNH, my girlfriend MJ presented me with a copy of this speech that had been published in Reader's Digest.  It's been a source of inspriation and courage for me on many occasions and it's one that I love to share.


Actor Alan Alda delivered this stiring and inspirational commencement speech for his daughter's graduation from Connecticut College.  The Reader's Digest intro note reads:


In words that sparkle with wit, this commencement address deals with such matters as courage, laughter, work, chutzpah and love.

  • The time: May 1980.
  • The speaker: the star of the popular television program M*A*S*H.
  • The audience: his daughter and her classmates.

His words are as relevant today as they were back in 1980.  I'm particularly fond of his closing remarks about the importance of chutzpah and creativity.

Here then is Alan Alda's Dig Into the World.  Enjoy!


Thanks Hawkeye!

Thank you too MJ!

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